Legend was born out of a desire to use raw and reclaimed material to create truly unique designs by setting modern aesthetic parallel with the root of the material.

Craftsmanship is paramount. Each piece is made to order. Each piece has its own story, its own source, its own Legend.

Environmental awareness is part of our soul. In addition to reclaiming and repurposing material we concentrate on producing unique finishes using low or no VOC products with lasting durability.

Legend by Rachael Grochowski
According to Rachael repurposing materials must be genetic— her grandparents built their first home entirely out of repurposed materials. As a small child she was intrigued by saws, hammers, nails and wood. Thinking about how these tools and materials felt in the hand.

Today Rachael believes sharing her creative soul is her personal legend. Architect, Maker and Artist, Rachael often describes herself as a ‘Creative Junkie’. This is her authentic nature.

‘Legend by RG’ provides an opportunity for this to be expressed in a physical form. Thinking about how materials come together and using materials in an honest and elegant manner.

This often results in very heavy furniture.


RHG Architecture + Design approaches design from the experiential, creating spaces which are holistic and consistent. Design is emotional, sensory and physical. Three dimensional space, color, texture, and light, are critical considerations to create spaces which speak to these design elements. RHG A+D applies these principles to residential, commercial, retail and hospitality projects. RHG A+D balances its design approach with the needs and desires of each specific client guiding them through a successful project experience. Visit us at www.rhgdesign.com